Khadijah James is one of the main protagonists on Living Single.

She was portrayed by Queen Latifah.


Khadijah is from East Orange, New Jersey. Her father, Ed, and mother, Rita, divorced when she was young, and her father later remarried and had another daughter, Stephanie.

Her childhood best friends were Régine Hunter and Terrence "Scooter" Williams.

She has a half-sister, Stephanie.

She attended Howard University as a journalism major, where she met Maxine Shaw and served as editor of the university's newspaper.


Khadijah appeared to be the level-headed one of the group. She could also be comedically sarcastic, especially towards her less-than-sophisticated cousin Synclaire and man-obsessed roommate Régine.

At her magazine Flavor, Khadijah appears as the hard-working editor who is also independant and blunt. follow @infamousnick_ on instagram!!!